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24/7 Client Interactions, Data Collection, Lead Generation & Company Digital Marketing.

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Enhance Business

Capid Houser's Digital Marketing Agency specialises in 100% developing dedicated & focused ChatBots for companies in different market sectors.

Strategic Requirements

We work with companies to determine strategic requirements; the team then focuses on building what is a bespoke Artificially Intelligent ChatBot to implement business strategy.

Marketing Focused

AI ChatBots are complimentary to Capid Houser's Digital Marketing expertise in working with clients locally, nationally & internationally & from different market sectors.

Benefit Focused Title

Designing & developing AI ChatBot structures that engage with users & are fun with secure Cloud marketing data works to enhance business operations.

Our dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable ChatBot Marketing Artificial Intelligence team work with companies to determine best courses of action in order to meet specific requirements - this consideration is critical for making sure your very company is able to focus on running the business operations.

ChatBots are Artificial Intelligence based run in the background ...

..... [securely in the cloud] and they are custom designed in order to output messages to website visitors in a conversational way, you can say that in some ways they ChatBots act like live chat widgets that you have experienced in the past.
These Artificial Intelligence Agents can be set to work on any company website to interact with visitors. This could be directing [potential] clients to sample the product that is more suited to them; or to point them speak to the sales team - they could even be used to assist in taking bookings and making a particular reservation. the reality is that there is actually no limit to that which a ChatBot can be programmed for in order to perform tasks for any organisation.
In essence we at Capid Houser are able to develop these Bots to work like digital agents on the company website. They will serve to interact with every single visitor to any website all at the same time working constantly 24 hours a day with visitors from every country - and they never need to take a break !
We'd really appreciate if you'd take the initial steps to contact us here at Capid Houser to arrange a without obligations free [Digital Marketing] Consultation in order to assist us to fully determine how a bespoke developed ChatBot will be able to increase the amount of website conversions & assist to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by helping customers get the answers that are looking for !

ChatBots Are Here To Stay ! !

Mark Zuckerberg ...

... has stated that Chatbots will be the secret to Facebook's success over the next TEN YEARS.

Amtrak & Other ...

... Billion dollar companies have already started to make use of Chatbots in order to achieve Return On Investments of 800% & more.

50% Of Companies ...

... will be spending more on Bots than they currently do on Mobile Apps; that is said to happen by 2021 !.

The Gartner Group ...

... reports that ChatBots will be responsible for some Eight Five [85] Percent of all customer to company service interactions by 2020.

Live Chat Is The Preferred ...

... means of customers communicating with a company as stated by some 48% of consumers.

Customer Service ...

... that is offered by companies to consumers will be the main benefit of using ChatBots according to 95% of consumers.

Restaurant ChatBot Marketing Agents

Restaurant Chatbot Strategy

Restaurants ...

... invite visitors to make reservations or even make an online order for delivery ! Menu items can be compiled based on user input

Wine Bars ...

... understand customer requirements better, secure group bookings for peak times along with wine and spirit choices & requirements

Coffee Shops

... by engaging with customers via the website, offer special offers for the quieter times

Beauty Salon ChatBot Agent Marketing

Beauty Salon ChatBot Agents

Beauty Salons ...

... are now able to take their businesses to the next level using artificial intelligence technologies

Spas ...

... can collect market analytics and research data in relation to various treatments and preferences

Barbers & Hairdressers ...

... with different seasons at times necessitating varying hair cuts & styling, the business can conduct poles and questionaires to better understand clients

Transform Any Company Website Into An Artificial Intelligence Based Client Interaction, Customer Service & Lead Generation Machine.

Increase Website Sales ...

... after we have designed and developed your custom business ChatBot; there is one simple line of code that will need to be added to the website to add functionality.

Build Email Database ...

... by interfacing with customers and prompting for them to provide their email address in specific circumstances, we will be in a position to followup with special offers and promotion in order to drive further business.

ChatBot Agent Marketing Works For A Wide Range Of Businesses ...

... the utilisation of ChatBot Agent Marketing has been proven to be effective for companies operation in various market sectors such as Hiar & Beauty Salons, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Wine Bars & eateries of different descriptions.

Why Chatbots Are the Future of Marketing ...

ChatBots Agent Marketing & Customer Interaction may well be one of the best thing to happen in the Digital Marketing field to date. Capid Houser's conversational marketing strategies can be used to grow businesses.

Why Conversational Marketing & Chatbots Are the Future of Marketing Development

Customer Service Chatbots

ChatBot Marketing Strategy Development
Offer exceptional support and generate new leads with Capid Houser's personalised Artificial Intelligence Agents

Auto Engagement Solutions‎

chatbot marketing agents
Choose to automatically interact with the customer via the company website depending on the strategy of the company

UK Chatbot Solution Provider

artificial intelligence chatbot marketing digital
Use Capid Houser's Digital Marketing Strategy development, consulting & training expertise as your ChatBot Marketing agent foundation

Future Of Customer Service

chat bot agent digital marketing
ChatBots that are based on Artificial Intelligence Are in fact Shaping The Future Of Customer Service via website interaction

Connect With Clients

When they want, where they want at their convenience

Direct Query Response

Understand customer questions & respond based on learnings

Generate New Leads

Add customers directly to company email database for future contact

Artificial Intellence Technology Powered ChatBots – We Consider This To Be The Next Generation Of Customer Service - Via The Company Website

With the use of the AI ChatBots that we at Capid Houser will develop the decision matrices and flow that will be incorporated into business operations that will enable any company to proactively connect with current and potential clients visiting the business website by responding to questions, execute Lead Generation campaigns leading to rising sales and increasing revenues.
We at Capid Houser are expert Digital Marketing developers, consultants and trainers & pioneers when it comes to bringing the very latest strategies and techniques such as these ChatBot Agent Marketing technologies to customers in order to enhance their marketing operations.
Custom designed AI powered ChatBots assist our customers by assisting them in accelerating the effectiveness of their Digital [Search Engine & Social Media] Marketing activities which of course includes innovative Artificial Intelligence based ChatBot Marketing Agents.
Capid Houser's market focused designed ChatBot Agents for different market sectors have been proven to deliver that which is exceptional customer service, lead generation, increase sales all while the ChatBot Agent continually optimises its operational efficiency through learning.

Artificial Intelligence Based ChatBot Agents ...

... are in fact acting as Lead Generating employees that serve to provide amazing returns on the investment of the development and ongoing server costs and analytics data that is provided on a monthly basis.


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