How We Develop Company Specific Artificially Intelligence Based Marketing ChatBots
We strive to ensure that each and every Artificially Intelligence Based ChatBot is designed and developed to work as a key component in your company’s Go To Market Strategy, interfacing with customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week towards developing relationships and continually developing the business.

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AI Marketing ChatBot Development Process
We Analyse Your Company’s Digital Marketing Footprint & Business Development Process And Use This To Create The First Pass ChatBot For Implementation Testing
In Line With The Company’s Marketing Funnel, Social Media & Search Engine Marketing Strategies Together We Tweak The Design For Maximum Impact
After As Many Iterations As Necessary The Full AI ChatBot Will Be Deployed & Put To Work 24×7 Generating Leads & Interacting With Customers.

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ChatBots that are based on artificial intelligence are custom designed by Capid Houser and are suitable for

Companies Operating
In Different
Market Sectors

AI ChatBot Marketing Development Process
Exciting Digital Marketing Strategy Execution Methodologies
Engage With Your Target Audience
We can gain an understanding from our Website Analytics as to the quantity of visitors that come to our company website over time. With the vast majority of website surfers choosing not to leave their email address, send a message via the contact form or make the decision to telephone the company – advances in Artificial Intelligence Technologies provide companies with marketing opportunities to interface with customers 24×7 and therefore gain deep market intelligence data that can be used for future business development strategy purposes.

AI ChatBots For Gyms

Niche - Real Estate Agent

Beauty Salon ChatBot Agents

Jewellery AI ChatBot Marketing
Gain A Distinct Competitive Advantage
Technology and automation has been seen over time to provide mankind with step change advancements. In today’s technologically advanced world – Digital Marketing has become a key component in the business development planning and activities of companies coming from different market sectors such as Beauty Salons, Real Estate & Lettings Agents, Restaurants, Building Services Companies, Wine Bars & Coffee Shops – and your company can be added to this list !!
Custom Programmed AI ChatBots
Depending on the distinct and unique needs of your business – the custom programmed chatbot will be set to work 24×7 and actually implementing components of the business development strategy of the company.

Restaurant Chatbot Strategy

ChatBot Marketing Strategy Development
ChatBot Marketing Strategies Act As Key Components For :

Business Development &
Digital Marketing
In summary a ChatBot is a computer program that in this case is based upon groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Technologies. They are designed and deployed with the top level Business Development & Marketing Strategy Implementation objectives in mind.

We stress the above becuase we here at Capid Houser’s combined international marketing eperience will be leveraged in order to ensure that the ChatBot that we develop for your business serves to fit seemlessy into the top level marketing development strategies.

ChatBot Marketing Strategy Pieces
10 Working Days 1st Pass ChatBot Delivery Guarantee
That’s right – we guarantee that we will go through the entire ChatBot Development Process thoroughly; we will analyse your Digital Marketing Footprint – determine marketing funnel flow patterns and customer interaction requirement and deliver the 1st Pass working chatbot to you within 10 working from days.
If we fail to live up to our promise you will refund all of the development payments.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee
AI ChatBot

Development Process

1) Digital Marketing

Footprint Analysis

2) Social Media & Search

Engine Marketing Characterisation

3) Company Website Marketing

Funnel Analysis

4) Customer Service &

Client Interaction Requirements

5) AI Based Marketing

ChatBot Delivery

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