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Chatbot Marketing Is Widely Used By Some Of The Most Successful Companies In The World.

Capid Houser's dedicated Chatbot Digital Marketing Agency services are designed to help your company to increase its profitability. This is achieved by generating leads and sales directly through the utilisation of Human Like Interaction And Conversational Marketing from your company website.

Advanced Customer Marketing Analytics Based On Customer Website Interaction

Finally Get To Understand What Customers Require When They Arrive At Your Website

It is a fact that all businesses now need to have an internet presence in the form of a website.
The website of course is not enough on its own - it must be incorporated into a coherent Digital Marketing Strategy a large component of which is centred around the interaction of customers visiting our website.
Now we able to "talk to every customer that visits our company website
and using artificial intelligence technologies as can be seen in these chatbot agent marketing examples, modify chat flows based upon the actions previous customers have taken.
The Standardised Reports Can Be Used For Marketing Strategy Planning Purposes - these are compiled from the data collected from each user interaction that is saved securely in Google's Cloud.

What Are Some Of The Reasons Behind Using Chatbot Agent Marketing Within Your Business ?

Incorporate Chat Bot Marketing Into Business Strategies

As a key component of the Digital Marketing Strategy as developed by any company [with the aid of Capid Houser as necessary] Chat Bot Agent Services & Avatar can be effectively used to engage with those current and prospective clients that visit the company with carefully chosen Sales & Marketing related questions.

Each question will be used in order to guide clients through what is termed a 'Marketing Funnel' which is a series of action steps that clients are guided through in order to end up at a specific pre determined stage within the client / company relationship. As an example users may be guide to a particular item that is being sold via the website [this could be purely eCommerce of not] & then channeled through to actually making a purchase - all automated; all pre designed and executed with strategic Artificial Inteligence Chat Bot Marketing process execution.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies Executing Business Strategies

When we consider the amount of current or potential customers that visit a company website over a given period of time; it is clear that if the company was able to interact with each visitor with a Product/Service Sales & Revenue Generation perspective; then each interaction will produce 'some customer intelligence market research data.

With the Chatbot Artificial Intelligence Marketing engine we are able to guide website visitors through a series of steps that are based on the specific business development strategies of the company in question.

If could be that we decide ask customers a series of questions, depending on the response to say 5 choices; we will then be able to take customers through a network of options all designed for Customer Lead Generation which with followup may well culminate in Product/Service Sales & Revenue Generation

Let's Consider Website Client Interaction, Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Working 24x7 On Your Company Website

24/7 Multilingual Employee AI ChatBot For Customer Support ...


Flexibility Of Application & Powerful Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

It may be that you might have heard about Chatbots being used by of the most major news channels like CNN and Fox News.

“Four More Reasons Why You Might Wish To Make Use Of Chat Bots Within Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has stated that Chatbots & the use of them for customer interaction will be part of the reasoning behind the company's success over the next 10 YEARS or so.
Some of the most successful companies some of which are generating $Bs of revenue such as Amtrak are already using Chatbots to achieve ROIs of 800% or more; now the smaller company can get access to such AI chat bot technologies..
The research shows that by the year 2021, 50% of companies will spend more on AI Chat Bot customer interactions than they will spend on on mobile apps. (Source: Gartner)
Interestingly enough it has been stated that by next year, the average person will have more interactions and conversation with chat bots than they will have with their partners. (Source: Gartner)

Guide Customers Through The Sales Process

Cut Down On Those Who Abandon Website Transactions

Let's supposed customers for whatever reason fail to continue on with completing a particular purchase; the pre designed Chat Bot with its Artificial Intelligence will be able to instantly work to determine if the user needs any assistance or any additional information.

A simple response to say a Yes / No question [just because your company already know the questions that customers ask] could be all that is needed in order to assist the client in continuing with the purchase - therefore as is commonly termedd – "cart abandonments will have been reduced"!

Chat Bot's Designed With Marketing In Mind

To Fit In With Digital Marketing Strategy Development

  • As per the consultation and design stage - we are able to design the avatar [should you choose to make use of one for your company] and customise it specifically to your business - therefore making it unique to your business branding; this will further work to raise the profile of any company in terms of its forward thinking nature of effective use of Artificial Intelligence along with enhancing Digital Marketing effectiveness.

What Are Some Of The Ways Companies Chatbot Agent Marketing Within Their Business ?

From Our Experience Chat Bots Can Be Used In A Manner Of Ways To Boost Business.

Designed For Conversion

The 24x7 always on and working for your business Chat Bot is designed to convert website visitors.

Buit-in Analytics

Our monthly reporting service offering allows you to see just exactly what customers want.

Drive Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Use the monthly reporting to drive business planning meeting and ongoing digital marketing activities.

Guide Customer Website Interaction

Now you are able to speak to customers and determine website interaction based on responses.

Cloud Based - Easy Installation

All of the computing takes place in the cloud, all you need do is to install one line of simple code.

Use Company Avatar Or Not As Business Dictates

Choose to use the chat as stand alone or; along with an Avatar based on the brand and needs of the company.

24x7 Website Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing Chat Bot Agents Working To Interact With Customers & Collect Market Data


Chat Flow Structuring For Marketing Execution & Customer Interactionon

We'll Custom Design Your Chatbot Agent For Your Business Criteria

We delve into our library of chat flow interactions based upon previous businesses we have worked with, from this we design an artificial intelligence based solution that has been designed to work for your business.

From basic to more advanced customer interactions, we have you covered depending on the level of complexity you wish to work towards.

As an example you could have chat flows that have been developed in order to add email subscribers to the company's email database, it may be used to book client appointments, or it may be that you choose to offer discounts and other incentives in order to in crease the level of interaction with clients, collect data and boost sales and revenues.

All of the above will be accomplished by making use of what we are sure you will agree are Incredibly realistic (from both genders) and we also have animal avatars that can be used to interact with your company's website visitors. In the first instance we will use our advanced Text To Speech technology or it may be that a company representative wishes to use their voice to greet visitors. Three dimensional avatars that we use quite often cost many thousands of £s/$s to create; but we have done the work for you and will dip into our library and choose one appropriate and suitable for your business circumstance.

Reasons Why Your Business Will Greatly Benefit From Making Use Of Capid Houser's Chat Bot Marketing !!

Simply paste in a snippet of code on your website, or use our live-link technology to instantly add our custom designed ChatBot to your company website.
Easy To SetupAnd Integrate
Your company will now be able to make use of some of the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Three Dimensional Animations, text to speech, as well as instant translation. There is no other chat bot marketing service offering available on the market accessible to your business !
Make Use Of The Cutting Edge Technology We Bring To You
Why not have us design a chat bot agent to handle any sales queries, whilst another agent is on hand to handle support questions, and so on. Your dedicated AI robot will be able to handle virtually any website enquiry that your business may encounter !
Configure A Chat Bot an agent for every departmentAgent For Each Business Department
The innovative chat bot artificial intelligence system is hosted securely the internet giant's Google’s cloud - there is no other software installation or download that will be required in order to get this working for your business !
Chat Bot Marketing That Works Seamlessly On Any Device Including Mobile, Smart Phone & All Computers

Customer Driven Smart Data Analytics Engine

Take The Guess Work Out Of What Your Customers Want

Yes Artificial Intelligence [AI] is here ! and now you are able to By utilizing the power of AI, your company is now able [through the use of our Chatbot AI Digital Marketing platform] to collect real time feedback regarding the things that are working and those that are not.


Our Chatbot Marketing platform works to automatically modify the flow of every chat which works as a flow in order to improve results on a daily basis.

With all of the above going on - we will provide monthly in depth customer interaction paths along with analytics regarding conversions, geographical locations of customer and website visitors, engagement time and much much more than that!

Why You Need Our Chat Bot Technologies Working For You !

[A] Data Driven Analytics Marketing

The best marketing strategies are defined and refined based upon empirical data, each month reports based upon customer interactions can be acted upon for marketing refinement.

[B] Groundbreaking Text To Speech Translation

Industry leading text to speech functionalities means the chat agents are available most major languages. Communicate with customers without staff or virtual workers !

[C] Functions Seemlessly On All Computing Devices

Computing Devices
The system has been optimised for use on Tablets, Desktop Computers, Mobile Phone [Android & iPhone] and is in fact able to function on any computing device encountered !

[D] Artificial Intelligence Automation

During the design phase we are in fact able to design in multiple chat flow trees that will be automated and are based upon strategic business needs of your organisation

[E] Configured With Google Cloud Storage

No need to worry about system downtime or whether or not company data will be safe and secure, we are using the world leading Google Cloud Storage platform - there is in fact nothing better !

All Of These Chat Bot Digital Marketing Capabilities Can Now Be Put To Work Right Within Your Company !

The Format And Type Of Artificial Intelligence Based Marketing Chat Bot Will Be Determined During The Consultation Phase...

You May Be Wondering If This Artificial Intelligence Based Technology Can Be Put To Work In Your Company

Now If you happen to be operating a standard Brick And Mortar type business with customers visiting the store in person on a daily basis. Company owners are able to make use of Artificial Intelligence technology to offer product discounts, promote time sensitive specials, offer bonuses, and more to visitors and customers.

Now, if your business happens to take appointments, such as a Beauty Salon, Hairdressers or maybe a Dental Practice. Use our AI Messenger system to automatically take appointments via the website – this will service to save paid staff work and time on the phone!

For restaurants and food service businesses you can use Capid Houser's Chat Bot Digital Marketing Agency to invite visitors to make reservations, order for delivery takeout or even book a large party! The possibilities are based on your business requirements.
Use our advance AI Chatbot Messenger Marketing to engage with website visitors and interact with them with sales focused questioning.

The dedicated chat flows will be designed to help guide purchasers through to what they are looking to own and then guide them through the buying process to complete the sale.

If clients happen to stop during the checkout process for any reason, the chat bot will be able to instantly check to see if users have questions or require more; this will serve to generate more revenues.

The company may offer personalized instant discounts to potential purchasers to nudge them towards completing valuable sales and provide marketing intelligence as well as collecting email addresses for followup later.
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